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Rapid aid in refugee camps The situation of the refugees at the borders of the EU is dramatic. Due to the lack of official aid, NGOs are facing immense obstacles. In light of this situation we want to provide emergency help and supply the camps with the most important things. Volunteers IHA consists of several volunteer networks from around Europe, which were formed to embark on a humanitarian mission for the protection of refugees. The cooperation between the different groups started in the refugee camp Röszke (Hungary) and is now organized by the IHA association. Fast and efficient IHA exclusively consists of independent volunteers, who work quickly and efficiently onsite and who have not to have to adhere to any bureaucracy. Furthermore, we work alongside NGOs providing support for coordination and project management. Organization and logistics The main purpose of IHA is to quickly establish a functioning infrastructure in informal refugee camps. This initial help includes - within the range of our possibilities - food, water, clothes, blankets, tents, and protection against state arbitrariness and violence in these situations.


Slavonski Brod Volunteers House

Ul., Slavonski Brod, Slavonia 35000, HR

Needs: shooes, gloves,

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