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Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County partners with the community to empower low-income families through community engagement, health and wellness, education and financial stability strategies

In response to the devastating wildfires that overtook Sonoma County on the evening of October 16, 2017, Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County (CAPSC) responded to community need by creating the Disaster Relief Housing Assistance Fund (DRHA). Thanks to some amazing funders, our agency is able to provide rental and deposit assistance to those immediately affected by the wildfires in Sonoma County. The Disaster Relief Assistance Fund may be able to provide: Short term rental assistance per household. One time security deposit assistance (within set limits) per household. Assistance with replacing lost or damaged goods. Link to Information can be found on our website:


Community Action Partnership

141 Stony Cir. Suite 210, Santa Rosa, California 95401, US

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