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Serving Recovers communities:

Recovery In Community starts when we hear of an Orcas resident in trouble with mental illness or drug/alcohol problems who is in a crisis situation. If they are isolated from supports and services, we go immediately to the tent or the car they’re living in, the park where they spend their days, the place they ARE, right now. We try to determine the immediate, short-term needs—to keep them out of harm’s way; to find food or shelter; to get insurance, medical treatment, counseling, or detox—and we do our best to guide them towards these services. We walk beside them, literally, to bridge the gap between their current circumstance and the resources available. We’re there for them through the transition. Later, when they’ve gotten some help—counseling or treatment, perhaps—and are ready to re-connect in a fresh and more productive way, we support them through that transition, too. We may help them get a job with a partner employer, find transitional housing through another community partner, get to appointments or meetings, learn how to budget and balance a checkbook from an islander willing to teach those skills. We do our best, at both ends, to ensure they don’t fall through the cracks. And throughout, we’re an advocate who supports and encourages their progress.


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