Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC)

Serving Recovers communities:

The Bhutanese Community of Greater Cleveland (BCGC) was founded in response to the acute need of refugees and immigrants (Nepali origin) in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio in 2017 A.D. BCGC is a non-profit community-based organization who is granted 501 C (3) tax exemption status in the state of Ohio. BCGC thrives on becoming a mutual assistance providing agency who is committed to collaborating widely in assisting all needy community members irrespective of discrimination of any kind. The founding members of BCGC also includes some experienced members who are successfully working with the refugee population, resettlement agencies and immigration since 2008 A.D. BCGC is committed to serve the community with the mission statement “Unity in diversity is the Strength of Humanity”.


Noble Presbytarian Chuch

2780 Noble Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44121, US

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