It's On Us Corvallis

Serving Recovers communities:

The concept is simple, based on the model of paying acts of kindness forward: those in the community who need ways to give back will fund restaurant meals, and those who need a free meal will pick one up. Any restaurant may participate according to a predetermined schedule so that the wealth is spread around. If someone picking up a free meal chooses to donate to It’s On Us sometime in the future, then the project will have succeeded in building a more resilient, collaborative community. Fortunes change, sometimes rapidly, and we hope that It’s on Us Corvallis can provide comfort and good food in these anxious times.

We are three community members inspired to help and who believe in the power of paying it forward. All funds are distributed directly to participating restaurants, less processing fees determined by GoFundMe (2.9% + .30 per transaction. This is a standard credit card processing fee). If this model proves successful, we hope to incorporate as a nonprofit to minimize transaction fees.


It's On Us Corvallis doesn't have any locations open to the public right now.

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