Taproot A Community Kitchen

Serving Recovers communities:

Taproot Kitchen endeavors to provide nourishment, livelihood, and food security to Lopez and the larger to San Juan County community by providing:

1) Facilities for commercial food processing, in particular for adding value to locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products. 2) A shared infrastructure which permits small entrepreneurs to develop ideas at a minimal cost, and encourages cooperation, creativity, and collaboration between food producers. 3) A certified commercial kitchen to intermittent users such as Farmer’s Market vendors, food truck vendors, and caterers. 4) Access to commercial equipment for individuals, families, and nonprofits to efficiently process foods for their own use including dry, cold, refrigerated and frozen storage. 5) Education on safe food handling and processing practices, facilitating small business start-ups with resources and information.


Taproot A Community Kitchen doesn't have any locations open to the public right now.

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