MedSupplyDrive Cleveland

Serving Recovers communities:

We are a group based at Case Western Reserve University working to:

1) Redirect unused personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks to healthcare workers in critical need, and 2) Produce new PPE, via hand-production and other methods.

We are currently asking for donations of supplies to be distributed around Cuyahoga County, including:

N95 masks Surgical masks Gowns Eye protection Face shields Nitrile gloves Disinfecting wipes Hand sanitizer Eye protection Any form of non-latex gloves Plastic rain ponchos (some protection is better than none) Bleach/bleach wipes Tyvek and hazmat suits Wire (18 gauge and bendable) Wire Cutters Needle Nose Pliers Thread (any color or weight) Rotary cutter and blades Cutting Mats Acrylic Rulers Sewing Machines Craft/Sewing Clips


MedSupplyDrive Cleveland doesn't have any locations open to the public right now.

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