Alsea Valley Gleaners

Serving Recovers communities:

As a self-help organization with over 50% adoptees who are not able to help physically and another 29% elderly not able to work in social spaces, our few volunteers have worked 11hrs days for months now. We didn’t ask for help at the begining but after asking members of our community... we are going beyond our rural town into our county for support! Please consider helping in so many ways from firewood processing, mowing, picking up food from town and bringing it to Alsea, packing foods into mylar, planting potatoes or starts for our distribution farm, to helping clean our distribution areas. Financial support can be mailed to PO Box 281 Alsea, Or 97324 Thank you very much!!! We also received half the funds we need to make medical kits for families in our community. If you are able to find deals to spread our Siletz grant further please help us put them together. If you want to visit our organization to see what we have been doing over 26 years of service to our community please call and we’ll show you around.


Public Works Distrobution Site

18889 Haines Rd, Alsea, Oregon 97324, US

Resources: Food boxes and Target items

Demonstration Farm

Alsea Highway, Alsea, Oregon 97324, US

Alsea Cooperative

185 Main Street, Alsea, Oregon 97324, US

Processing Facility

345 East Alder St, Alsea, Oregon 97324, US

Resources: Future Emergency Food Supply and Educational Opportunity on Processing Methods

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