Phoenix Grange #779

Serving Recovers communities:

We are a fraternal order with a building in the heart of Pheonix, Or. Our building survived. The Grange is a perfect example of a grassroots organization. The backbone of the Grange is the local “subordinate” or community Granges located across the country. These Granges offer a wide range of locally-oriented programs and activities for children, youth and adults. Each holds regular meetings where issues of community concern are discussed. They sponsor social events and community service projects.

On the county or regional level these local Granges band together into units known as Pomona Granges, primarily for discussion of concerns affecting a larger territory. On the statewide level, Granges cooperate by supporting a State Grange organization that conducts lobbying and other activities on behalf of all members in the state.

The National Grange owns an office building a couple of blocks from the White House. National programs are headquartered there, and the lobbying staff is active on Capitol Hill. For more information, see


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