Wilkinson Center Food Pantry

Operated by Wilkinson Center
Address Phone Email
3402 N. Buckner Boulevard Suite 302, Dallas, Texas 75228, US 214-821-6380 patsy_driggers@wilkinsoncenter.org

What's available here?

The Wilkinson Center Food Assistance Program has food available at no cost to those in Garland, Texas affected by tornadoes. We serve clients from our location in Towne Market Center --3402 N. Buckner Boulevard, Suite 302, Dallas, Texas 75228. Visit us during normal business hours, 900am-1200noon, Monday through Thursday. Or call us to make an appointment for an alternate time to grocery shop. Our client-choice shopping model allows clients to choose food according to their needs and preferences. Our shelves and coolers are arranged like a grocery store and clients normally have several choices from each of the food categories outlined by the USDA including fruits and fresh vegetables.

What's needed here?

food, canned goods

We are in need of non-perishable, healthy foods. Canned goods, pasta, rice, etc.