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Mostly on the WEB In person meetings by appointment, Guerneville, CA 95446, US (none given) lizaloop@loopcenter.org

What's available here?

matching_needs_to_donations administration information_and_referral

We are administering the sonomacounty.recovers.org web site and the campfirebutte.recovers.org web site. We work with nonprofit, government and other disaster response agencies to improve coordinated communication with fire survivors paying special attention to those who do not qualify for FEMA or other kinds of institutional assistance. We also serve as a vital link between individual donors, volunteers and disaster victims when local agencies are overwhelmed.

What's needed here?

secretarial administrative managerial data-entry writing computer_spread_sheets computer_wordprocessing training counseling

We need volunteers who can 1. match requests (I have a NEED) with donations on sonomacounty.recovers.org (work on your computer from home or work) 2. administrative assistants who can verify availability of resources and update lists, websites and social media 3. writers to craft users' guides and press releases 4. grant writers to work with Executive Director to secure funds for this and other organizations 5. researchers to locate sources of funds and other resources 6. trainers to run workshops or provide telephone assistance to fire survivors on how to apply for aide