Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center

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530 SW 4th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97330, US 40482254524

What's available here?

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The CDDC is open weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM (summer hours 9 AM to noon). We offer a variety of services to meet immediate needs: PROJECT ACTION This program offers assistance to homeless individuals in obtaining or replacing official documents, gaining access to health providers, pursuing a GED, or completing official paperwork. EMPLOYMENT Under the umbrella of CDDC is the Homeless Employment Launching Project (HELP). This service connects homeowners and businesses having work to be done, with clients eager to work. Through HELP, clients receive job training, learn good work habits, develop a work history, earn a paycheck and Social Security credit, and most importantly, experience a renewed sense of self-worth. PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE If funds are available, the CDDC helps many individuals who would otherwise be unable to obtain needed medications. COUNSELING The CDDC counseling program provides skilled responses to issues that can impact a person's safety and well-being. SAFE HAVEN The CDDC offers a few hours each day during which the homeless can socialize, snack, and receive information from local health and social organizations, receive mail and make phone calls. BASIC NEEDS The CDDC helps the homeless with personal hygiene by assisting in the provision of weekly supervised showering at a nearby church. In addition, CDDC also assists the homeless in obtaining funds for emergency transportation to other cities. PET ASSISTANCE The CDDCs Advocates for Pets of the Homeless project provides limited veterinary assistance and advocacy for pets of individuals who are homeless or have very low income.

What's needed here?

We are in need of sheltering supplies, large clothes and shoes, thermometers, gloves, masks, cleaning supplies like bleach, hand sanitizer, brown paper bags for snack sacks. We welcome new volunteer who are Covid non-vulnerable and who are prepared for front line, trauma informed work with out guests